Both in my practice as well as in my own life I regularly experience the deeper meaning of this phrase from the classical texts. Spirit is our connection with the Universe – with the divine if you want to express it that way – the unlimited source and true power behind everything in our lives. It is the spiritual connection between us human beings. When we are connected to the Universe, our life is light and full of possibilities. We are open to all the beautiful things around us and within ourselves. We feel the vibration of life within us and all the possibilities it offers.

Text: Norbert Grote Beverborg

In our natural state we are open and free and through our Spirit we are in a continuous connection with the Universe. Because of the pressure we impose on ourselves, our fears, and all that which is our ego, we impose limitations on ourselves. We are no longer free, but trapped within our own limitations. Our body, our organs and our ki reflect this.

We are not only in constant interaction with the world around us, but also create this world. I myself experience, when there are situations to which I react from my ego and I remain stuck in them, I feel mentally and physically blocked. I am no longer free in my thoughts and everything becomes more difficult. The world becomes less beautiful and often there will be even more on my plate. Recognizable for everyone, I think. Teaching is a beautiful mirror here. When I am cheerful and enjoy teaching, it becomes a fun, interesting lesson. When I step into a lesson with a less good mood, it’s a struggle. Students suddenly ask difficult questions, are less interested or don’t understand what I’m trying to explain. Teaching is suddenly not so much fun anymore. What works for me then is that I look for my own inspiration (spirit) again, or the students and I first do something practical exercises where I can move and my ki can flow again. I think we all know such examples from our daily life. Children are also a great mirror. In their behavior you often see a reflection of how you feel, not seldom in a confronting way.

We see the result of our self-imposed limitations most of the time in our upper body. It is the part of our body that houses our spirit and the part of us that is closest to heaven. Like heaven, this is the part of our body that should be naturally most open and free. When we ourselves are free and open, when our spirit is free, our whole being is free. We are then able to make contact with the universe and experience and create the beauty of life.

In iokai shiatsu we know 12 main meridians that are present in both the lower and upper body. Each of these, usually several at the same time, can prevent the ki from circulating freely. To find out what meridian (or meridians) is most involved in a disturbance of the ki, we let ourselves be guided by our experience and our natural intuition. We feel what meridian, and what part of this meridian, has the most influence on a certain disturbance. If we can let the ki circulate freely again in the upper body, this will almost immediately mean alleviation for the client and he/she will feel mentally lighter and freer again. There is more room for connection with the spirit and the universe. All the beautiful things will become self-evident again.

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