Who on earth wants to give shiatsu in a stable? The team at ESC of course! One of our congress venues is the Amstelkerk, a white wooden church built on one of the most beautiful squares of Amsterdam. It was originally built in the 17th century as an emergency church (it has been called a sermon shed) for the newly-built neighbourhood. In 1811, Napoleon used it for his horses when he visited Amsterdam. Plans for the stone church have never been pursued. In 1840, the church was embellished with a neogothic interior, one of the first in the Netherlands.
And last but not least, the church has recently been equipped with underfloor heating! Isn’t that heavenly….?
Stadsherstel (The Company for City Restoration) carefully restores monumental and historic buildings in the centre of Amsterdam and its rural surroundings. Heritage sites such as churches, forts and water pumping stations are thus given a new life. 
We are very grateful to Stadsherstel for giving us the opportunity to rent their exquisite locations at a reduced rate.