Should you, for any reason not be able to attend after having bought a ticket. Please try to resell your ticket to a colleague and be sure to let us know (emailaddress) for further communication. If you cannot resell your ticket, we can refund 80% of the ticket untill 1 April 2020. After that date, unfortunately we will not be able to offer any refund due to the costs of locations etc.


How much is VAT in The Netherlands? VAT is 21 %


Choosing your personal 3 day workshop-route

We will use an online tool in which you can manage your workshop choices up until the start of the congress. 
First come, first serve policy: the people who booked the first tickets will have a first choice of making reservations in the workshops. 
Exact information about this process will be sent by email and posted on the ESC website.

Staying in Amsterdam

Places to stay in Amsterdam

Amsterdam: Hotels/ Youth hostels/Botels. Be sure to make reservations well in advance, for example via or Airbnb. Hotels and hostels you can check: - Studenthotel - Casa4000 - Stay Okay (hostel) - Hans Brinker (hostel) - Volkshotel - Conscious Hotel For cheaper options: try Haarlem or other places North of Amsterdam We will try to offer places to stay with a Dutch shiatsu-colleague: FUTON SURFING!