November 2, 2022

The Body knows, the Soul listens, the Spirit lives

A session is a process of interaction.

A session process is a healing relationship.

A healing relationship is an interactive process.

As we are training Shiatsu, we study complex philosophy, read books, attend seminars and learn through experiential learning. We bring our own personal changes into this Body of Wisdom, gaining interesting experiences inside the body, through the body, outside the body and with the environment. Our various approaches, skills and abilities as practitioners in Shiatsu aim to achieve a dynamic ability to manage and transform Health, our own and that of the client.

Continuous study and development enable everyone to practice their own unique Shiatsu. Thus Shiatsu is born, grows and matures following all the stages of a conscious life. An ongoing, vibrant process of interaction takes place between me and myself, me and the client, me and the world.

Interaction - Space - Accompanying - Felt Sense

As Shiatsu practitioners we are not here to meet the expectations of ourselves or our clients. We are here to accompany ourselves and the receiver in an open friendly space and together move forward to the right next movement - the one that is ready to reveal. We establish a continuous relationship with him with respect, acceptance, non-judgement. We are forming a SPACE where we become Companions in what is going to happen and we do not know it yet. Being in a state of Presence and with a pleasant sense of vitality and calm, we create a safe space to "listen", to recognize, to connect with knowledge and understanding, through the Art of Touching Shiatsu. This space is not the mind. Space exists because "the mind does not exist." The mind brings the ‘Limits’, necessary for the context of a session. There is a timeless moment where we become a container empty of emotions and personal history. Then we are left with confidence in the authenticity of the senses. When we touch with our hands we do not touch with them, but with ALL that we are.

The first concern is to learn to be Companions of ourselves. Our skills and abilities become the background, where interaction occurs and is fueled by certain elements and characteristics that are not mental tags but experienced awareness ("Felt Awareness").

Everything is recorded in the body

BODY is the enormous complexity of our personality, a database that contains all the information. Sensei Masunaga taught this underlined intelligence of the body through the Meridians. The energy channels are the SPACE where the highest intelligence (...and underlined) flows through the body carrying its entire history. Qi is the organizing force of the BODY. Transmits information by making contact, pause, imprint, move forward. It is the main therapeutic potentiality that within this interval we allow the next right movement to develop. For that to happen I need a change of my perspective on my role as a Practitioner of Shiatsu Art. The special qualities of my attitude could transform my consciousness. As I learn to relate to different aspects of myself, an evolution occurs. I allow myself to recognize different parts of myself, to communicate with them, to listen with empathy, to connect deeply with them, giving time and space for what I do not know. Having access to the "edge of my consciousness" I connect with the infinite Space inwards. I develop the inner relationship with myself, I become a free researching Existence and I transfer this to my Touch. I become a presence of understanding and deep logic. My Touch becomes a call and a response to a continuous alternation that fills the heart and mind with joy.

It is the foundation to develop the quality of my accompanying to the other.

Then a 3rd energy is created between Me and You. To say it Love, Spirit, God, Elevated state;

Whatever we define it, it is recognized for its Alchemical power.

When we touch it is like waking up from a dream. We think we are separated, alone. Unity is our Essence and there our companionship has ACCEPTANCE and COMPASSION.
I can not have empathy for the other, if I do not have for myself first. I can not say Become Light, if I do not become Light!

Listening and Empathy are the qualities that will change the world!