April 17, 2023

Quantum Physics sheds some light on Hado Shiatsu


Quantum effects are present in human organisms on a macroscopic scale.The living organism can be considered a macroscopic quantum system, where the fluctuations of the elementary components are tuned together in a global macroscopic fluctuation. This property is named “coherence”. Matter therefore is not inert, is in a perennial fluctuation. Vacuum fluctuates too, being full of fluctuating fields. Coherence establishes a dynamic order which is fundamental for equilibrium in living beings. In the coherent state, an electromagnetic field, produced by the common fluctuation of molecules, is trapped within the fluid (matter). The wave becomes therefore prisoner of matter. The electromagnetic field cannot be irradiated outwards, but the potential of the field can leak out. (the so called Aharonov – Bohm effect). This originates different phenomena:

“Intriguingly, recent work has documented that light-absorbing molecules in some photosynthetic proteins capture and transfer energy according to quantum-mechanical probability laws instead of classical laws at temperatures up to 180 K.”(1) In coherence domains of living matter, atoms and molecules share a dialogue because the various coherence domains are in phase one with another, or rather they are correlated. We can consider the degree of coherence in a living system as a measurement parameter for health, it being related to the efficiency of energy transfer and use of the system’s resources to carry out its vital functions. Given the particular properties of coherent domain chains, strongly linked with the special nature of biological water, energy can travel through them and is available for the body’s vital activities. A human being is in a healthy condition when this flow occurs consistently. To be healthy does not require much energy, given that an excess would extinguish the system’s coherence, its dynamics passing rapidly from one of ordered movement to chaos. Illness

Let us consider the basic equations:

The phase, connected with these travelling excitations , is characterized by spatial and temporal derivatives. So potentials are generated and they create themselves phase variations. Therefore, there is a possibility of interactions among organisms based on the phase, so without significant energy exchanges. Molecules do not have to touch each other to interact. Energy can flow through the e.m. field. The e.m. field along with water forms the matrix of life. Water can form structures that transmit energy - A.S. Gyorgyi We learned much by studying the separate parts of life’s fabric, but there exist profoundly important proprieties that cannot be discovered this way. These proprieties are consequences of relations rather then of parts. The most significant of these relations are transparent, invisible to our senses. But their outcome is our essence. The hand-on therapist is daily and quietly and deeply immersed in every aspect of the system we are describing, and is therefore the cutting-edge explorer of this domain- James Oschman-Energy Medicine in Therapeutics and Human Performance.

Some implications

The above concepts account for the well known fact, present in the tradition of many therapeutic approaches that important changes are induced in the organism by very gentle touch and very small stimuli. This fact, which is in agreement with Weber and Fechner law, is the consequence of a quantum interaction based on a phase exchange instead of an energy exchange. This soft approach includes the onset of a link between the phases of the practitioner and the patient, so that the phase dynamics of the former regularizes the phase dynamics of the latter in the absence of any significant flow of energy This kind of linkage practitioner - patient allows some information to be shared without any brain interference. We are talking about no cerebral knowledge. Through experience we learned empathetic connections allow results to happen without any physical or mental exertions,that happen when we are in a relationship based on energy exchange. Human health looks like directly connected with the degree of coherence of the system.(7)

Hado Shiatsu

In the Japanese tradition Hado is the innate transforming power of each thing and each living being. The literal translation of its ideogram is “ wave – like movement, vibration ”.The word “Shiatsu” means “finger pressure” .It is a discipline developed in Japan and connected with Traditional Chinese Medicine, martial art and meditation. Hado Shiatsu is a therapeutic approach based on “empathic connections”, that means phase resonance not energy exchange. A sort of “ meditative state”, where phase is no more chaotic, will allow both givers and receivers to be in phase with healthy environments. A better life quality will be supported, enhancing the coherence of the system.

In accordance with Weber and Fechner law, which applies to all living beings, slighter the stimulus bigger the inner reaction of a system. In Hado the approach is a “whisper” : a light, gentle touch to relate to the field trapped into the matter, supporting the creation of solitons and leaving a sort of informed print into the biological water. Hado Shiatsu uses a new meridian model inspired by Quantum Physics: “Here we suggest that self-organization of the living organism implies the appearance of an array of quasione- dimensional coherent domains that behave as the pathways where a flow of matter, energy and information is self-confined… This array can be linked with functioning of energetic channels known as meridians in the Eastern medicine.”(2)

“Moreover, the organism can be represented as a liquid crystalline continuum, which can carry the signals for intercommunication in a way, similar to liquid crystals. …..Such systems are highly nonlinear optical media and can support the existence of specific pathways for the propagation of electromagnetic signals.”(3) In this context, the network of connections takes on relevant importance. When we envisage the meridians as a particular form of coherence domain in the connective tissue they are a sort of watery sheath encasing molecular chains. It is here where energy captured by the molecules arrives. Energy is brought to the molecule by a soliton, a localized wave packet that does not dissipate energy in its movement. When it encounters a “metabolic situation” requiring just the amount of energy it holds, the soliton gives up its own and ceases to exist. Several scientific studies support the hypothesis that a “therapeutic” touch on the human body produces electricity that goes into ideal transmission pathways, the aforementioned Meridian-like channels. The stimulated meridian “lights up” and produces “coherent photons”(4-6).


Thanks to living organisms property called coherence maximum results are achieved helping the spontaneous rearrangement of the systems. This means to go towards an order of their oscillations. The client gains an “ anchorage” to a phase thanks to the contact with the practitioner’s body. The practitioner is somebody able to lends his own phase dynamics to the subjects who has a dialogue with him. Some preliminary researches ( Florence November 2008, Milan June 2010) allow us to evaluate future use of some devices that look appropriate to support our project with experimental data . We are talking about Thermocam ( KP Schlebusch) and Regulation Diagnostic device ( F A Popp and A Popp).