April 13, 2023

Pascale Jacot Descombes on "Mirror of Being"

Complementary therapist with federal diploma in the Shiatsu method, trauma therapist SE and SOMA, primary school teacher, married, mother of two adult children, Aikido Dan bearer, born 1962 in Zurich. Almost 40 years ago I attended my first Shiatsu seminars with Hiron Nozaki and Rei Inoue. Meridian work, tsubos, acupuncture, yoga, meditation, nutrition, herbs - in this fascinating world I felt at home, here I could dive into philosophy, psychology and the mysteries and wisdom of the East. Through several trainings and advanced trainings I constantly developed myself further, brought together methods from East and West, built up the Ko School for Shiatsu and was active in the school management for 24 years. In my practice I have been accompanying children and adults with Shiatsu for 28 years and with trauma therapy for 15 years.