April 13, 2023

Jean Marc Leclercq on "Mirror Of Being"

I did my training at the Kushi Institute in Amsterdam in 1993. It is a training organized in four branches: Oriental Philosophy, Shiatsu and Do In, Treatments and Cooking. It is a functional and logical whole. I have always been attracted to Japanese thinking. Its search for the essence and the essential responds well to my spiritual aspiration and my perfectionism; better than the descriptive subtlety of Chinese thought and TCM. My practice of shiatsu has therefore naturally directed me towards a search for the essence, the center of individuals, their soul, to put it simply. This is how I came to work essentially on emotional traumas, in accordance with Osho who says: "almost eighty percent of diseases are caused by repressed emotions". Shiatsu is wonderful for this: it takes us on a Path that simultaneously combines Eastern Emptiness and Western Compassion."