May 2, 2023

Interview with Ivan Bel

Hi Ivan, can you briefly introduce yourself?

Hi. My name is Ivan Bel, I’m French and I have been a Shiatsu therapist for over 20 years. I have studied 4 different styles of Shiatsu in order to have the widest possible vision of this technique, which still fascinates me. I created Ryoho Shiatsu and I teach it in different European countries but also in Africa. I have developed the NGO “Mission Shiatsu Humanitaire” which helps practitioners to create Shiatsu projects in the southern continents. I also run the blog Ryoho Shiatsu which publishes in 6 languages many articles, for students as well as for professionals of Shiatsu.

What are you particularly looking forward to in connection with the congress?

I am looking forward to attend the European Shiatsu Congress to meet new people. To discuss with them, to exchange, to confront the ways of practicing in a spirit of sharing and curiosity for others. And then meeting new teachers and practitioners, students, is always very enriching, whatever the level or the experience that one has. I am an eternal student myself. And moreover, I don't know Kiental and this part of Switzerland. And I hope there will be fondue ahahah !

How do you relate to the congress theme: “Mirror of being - developing the inner attitude”?

The theme of the congress is interesting, because the question of Shiatsu for practitioners is not often discussed. Usually, we are looking at the patients, and here it is the other way around. Our tool for practicing Shiatsu is ourselves, our body, our mind, our emotions and our spirit, all at once. Therefore, we have to work continuously on ourselves to progress on the Way of Shiatsu, and it is this personal development that will make a great part of the quality of the therapist. That is why I think that this topic will be a real benefit to most practitioners. Especially if they are shown different aspects of this work, be it physical, energetic, meditative or other.

How do you see your contribution to this congress?

I will have the pleasure to give several workshops during this European congress. My aim is to bring several concrete experiences of what energy is, of the inner journey with the help of the Void column (also called Hollow column), to propose body exercises, but above all to show that everything can be approached with joy, relaxation and play. If as practitioners we are serious in our work, on the other hand there is no point in taking ourselves too seriously. This is the reason why I will also share beautiful moments in collaboration with other teachers like Terésa Hadland (UK) or Frédéric Dubrieux (Belgium).

Concerning the work on the Void column, it is not well known in the Shiatsu world. I have done extensive research and several international publications on the subject. During this workshop I will explain what I have understood and how to trigger a journey into the inner space of the receiver with only 3 or 4 points. It is very surprising and pleasant as you will see. It allows you to take stock of your life path, but also to offer a moment of return to yourself, which is very useful during long treatments. So, the workshop will be mainly practical so that everyone can see the effects of this journey with the help of the Void column.