November 2, 2022

Helmut Kigen Bräuer - My clients

Master of Education, Psychology and Philosophy of Religion. For over 25 years lecturer for Shiatsu at major schools in German-speaking countries and Hungary. 1990 Founder of the Body School Allgäu for Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Shiatsu with focus on energetic bodywork and meditation.Studies with various masters and protagonists of different cultures, in Shiatsu especially A. Kishi, W. Ohashi, Paul Lundberg, Cliff Andrews and especially as a longtime personal student, companion and translator of Pauline Sasaki (Zen-Shiatsu/Quantum-Shiatsu). Buddhist Zen monk (Rinzai-Ji) for almost 25 years and founder of EMPTY-TOUCH-Shiatsu (since 1996). In addition, work with body-mind-soul, voice, overtone and especially the focus on the inner and outer attitude in being. Especially the encounter with the concerns of the 'people from the street' are the work of Helmut Kigen Bräuer every day legacy and mission ...