February 26, 2023

Graeme Docherty on "The Mirror of Being"

My name is Graeme Docherty and I come from Scotland although I have lived most of my adult life in Denmark. My career in Shiatsu started in 1994 and has mainly focused around running a busy Shiatsu school and clinic, but has also taken me abroad, teaching Shiatsu and energy work courses in different countries. When I reflect on when I first started to learn Shiatsu, I remember it being very foreign and intriguing, focusing on meridian points and Ki. These days, when I give a Shiatsu, I feel at home. I enter a natural world, one of expansion, oneness, and the energy field. My journey of understanding has changed in a curious way and in sessions I have transitioned from a giver to a passenger, moving from separation to oneness, and most importantly for my own treatment style, from point to field.