Positive health stands for the wider outlook on health where health is not perceived as a static condition but rather as an ability to adapt to physical, emotional and social aspects of life.

Text: Caroline van Oost & Betty Croll | Translation: Katya Shirokaya

It is now exactly the time when we are faced with imposed restrictions due to the coronavirus that calls for our adaptability.

It calls on our resilience to deal with the challenges of the new way of living together.

As shiatsu therapists we have to close our practices and there is a question – for how long?

It is also time for reflection and contemplation about how to shape our shiatsu practice in the future and connect it (even more) to conventional care, where the concept of the Positive Health is taking more space.


Positive Health understands health as a teamwork of six different domains: body functions, mental health, meaningfulness, quality of life, participation and daily functioning.
The focus is not just on the complaint, but also on understanding what goes well.

Shiatsu is based on the connection between people and their environment and has direct or indirect influence on all these domains.

Betty Croll, co-organizer of ESC 2020 and a Shiatsu therapist and acupuncturist, says:

“The ability to adapt to your living environment and to direct the various challenges of life in your own way, is also a focus point of Shiatsu. You support someone to get back in balance in order to take on life in all its forms.
As a Shiatsu therapist, you try to support people in their potential. By allowing the Qi to flow, someone becomes more balanced, and the more you are in balance, the better you can move on and deal with changing situations. Shiatsu also makes people more aware of their potential and limitations and can therefore help to better attune to their choices. What are you doing good? What are you not doing good? You would also make better choices in your social life.

We, as shiatsu therapists, now have to rely on our resilience to survive in these times of Corona. Move along with what is and have trust in what is to come.”

Resilience is now expected from all of us. At all levels. It is a gentle yet very firm force. We wish you also a lot of strength and wisdom. And good health to you and your loved ones.

Want to know more about Positive Health? Visit www.iph.nl