We are all thrilled that The European Shiatsu Congress will be starting soon. After a period of global upheaval and unrest where many people are off balance and longing for a new centre and way of living, I am very happy that the congress will take place.
I therefore hope that you will all come to Amsterdam or be with us online so that we can be together, to meet each other and to talk and to teach about shiatsu. We will experience to feel how important shiatsu is for ourselves and for our dear family members and our clients.

Text: Egon Weersink

Let me introduce myself briefly for those who don’t know me:

I became a Shiatsu teacher at the Zen Shiatsu School in Amsterdam in 2002. For more than 20 years I have been working together with Joyce Vlaarkamp of the Zen Shiatsu School in Amsterdam. With my background as a professional physical education teacher, I was looking for more than the linear Western way of thinking and applying.

“It felt as if West and East were brought together”

An important part emerged from within me. Opening up for the purpose of feeling and thinking about movements of yourself and of others, by finding the balance through Hara and alignment and positioning of the body. It felt as if West and East were brought together. To see and let others feel more centered and aligned they are able to also feel the difference in their movements.

At the European Shiatsu Congress, a possibility arose for me to teach on Saturday afternoon. Many subjects came to my mind.
The main purpose was to teach and help others as the therapist. To feel more balanced in your hara and your alignment. And as a therapist, to be more comfortable and relaxed in your body. Because it’s you who is giving shiatsu and helping your clients to move forward in their path to find their balance and a calm trustful feeling in their bodies.

Do you ever ask yourself questions like: How am I doing as a therapist? Can I maintain my way of giving shiatsu for the next years, sustainably? How will my body react during the next years? What do I do to stay balanced and how do I work from the hara? Am I aware of my alignment and way of working with my hara?

Living Ways of Daoist Immortal

If you read the above sentence it will ease your mind and will help you to drift away from your thoughts and feelings

The words (and the characters) translate to:

Massage your flanks and belly with your hands whenever and wherever till you feel comfortable in your heart and belly; by the time, leave your hands resting on lower belly (massage lightly the belly with crossing hands by circling).
After repeatedly massaging throughout arms and waist mentioned above, use fists to massage the back around kidneys. If hands are tired, you may ask others for help.
Doing these frequently day and night; by and by, your health will be benefited and it
will lead you to the way of Immortal life.
(This article was written 948 A.D.)

This beautiful piece of art is originally from Yang Ning-Shi (874-954).
And was specially made by Paula Hsieh – Hsu, calligraphy artist in Taipei Taiwan.

On Saturday the 5th of September my teachings will be about:

  • Learning about yourself and connecting through these written words of Yang Ningshi through activity of the divine path.
  • Feeling the alignment and relief of tension through easy movement and specially through meridian stretching.
  • Creating an inner voice that talks with you daily or weekly by asking yourself some questions:

Am I aware of how I am currently feeling?
Do I feel balanced and grounded today?
Asking yourself as the Japanese do: How is your Hara today?
What do I do to stay in alignment and/or to take care of myself?

We are the ones who are giving shiatsu treatments to our clients.
Therefore: can you help others professionally if you are not taking care of yourself personally?

There is much more to say and write. I hope to meet you all and work with you in September so we can grow as therapists and bring and share the philosophy and benefits of Shiatsu more and more to as many people on this planet.

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