A recording of the free ESC webinar with Joyce Vlaarkamp


In shiatsu we do not work from the same observation of the body and mind as regular medicine does. We work from The Inner Landscape, a symbolic representation of all the life functions. All the theory that we learn from Eastern medicine is presented in here:
  • yin and yang;
  • the three treasures (San Bao): Jing, Ki and Shen. 
  • the five elements;
  • a symbolic presentation of the organs;
  • vessels and their interrelations;

Ki is reigning in this Inner Landscape. 
The San Bao is a great tool in developing your sense of ki. These three treasures, can be seen as three kinds of ki, each with their own unique possibilities.

To understand these Eastern concepts it is valuable to let them come to life within ourselves as therapists, and work from your own inner landscape.
This can give us more understanding of the immensity of the powerful ocean that we work from as well as an improvement of your diagnostic skills.
Joyce Vlaarkamp