In our Shiatsu school we have a kind of mantra: “Go there and stay!” It means something like: feel what you are feeling in your body, do not try to change it, just land there and stay there as long as it takes.

Walking around in our lives during the Corona crisis is a good time to practice this. So many painful emotions are rising. How to be with that?

Text by Jaana Siltasalmi | Translation: Maggie Lee


“Go there and stay”. 4 words. And each of them is a challenge.

“Go” does not mean to go somewhere where you are not. Go means here: look at what you are doing in order to NOT feel what you are feeling.

These past days, with these intense Corona emotions, I realise that the things I believe to be my strengths are also the same things that keep me from feeling what I feel. For example: “Just Going On”. That is my strength, it has taken me far in life. But Just Going On keeps me also from feeling my feelings. I rather just go on…

That is how it often works. Those inner qualities which normally help us to get where we want to go and to be the person we want to be, also help us not to be where we are when things get nasty. Maybe you recognize it. If your strength is: Take Action, or Make Connection, or Take Care of Others. Does it also prevent you from being where you are?

“Go” means to see this pattern. To see what keeps you from being where you are and feeling what you feel.


The next challenge is “There”. Go there where you feel it in your body. Go there, feel it and make room for whatever is there.

It is easy when you are feeling well. But when there is pain or a painful emotion it is not so easy. Going there means then that you need to go there where you in all costs do not normally want to go. The darkness. The shadow. You rather keep yourself out of there. That is the most normal reaction. The challenge is: just do it. Go there.

Boy this sounds easy. And boy it is difficult! It feels like there are thick walls around “there”. Like I bounce back every time I get near “there”. I want to be everywhere but there.


“And” is my favourite challenge. And is the and of the eastern philosophy, the paradox of the truth.

It is the paradox of staying where you are even when that where you are is not being able to stay where you are. It is the paradox of wanting and not wanting. If you have pain it is natural that you want it to go away. But if you stay by the pain because you want it to go away, it will not go away. If you stay there just to stay there, without any agenda, just giving it room, it often does go away. Or not. It matters and it does not matter. It is easy and impossible at the same time.


And then the last challenge: “Stay”.

If you have landed where you are, without any agenda. And it is very uncomfortable, or even when it is not so uncomfortable. How to stay?

A simple way to help yourself with this is to make small movements. Feel what you are feeling in your body and move with it. Another one is, give it words. Stay where you are and describe it as precisely as possible. What do you feel? And what lies underneath it?

Whatever you do, however you do it, take your time! Go there and stay! And be ready for anything that opens up.

Be well! Stay strong! And let your heart be touched with all the emotions that are arising!

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