14. – 17. 09. 2023

Welcome to the European Shiatsu Congress in Kiental.

7th European
Shiatsu Congress Kiental 2023

In 2023 the European Shiatsu Congress will return to its place of origin, Kiental, where the beauty and nature of the landscape combine the powerfully alive with the peacefully quiet.

Here we can recharge our batteries, meet without distraction and concentrate on the essential. Kiental is a source of power that strengthens us and directs our focus to our own resources. The congress will run from September 15th to 17th 2023 and will start with a resource day on September 14th. There is also the possibility of using the day after (September 18th) for meeting, reviewing or hiking. 

This Congress will focus on us as Shiatsu practitioners with the title:

Shiatsu - Mirror of Being

Our wish is to put our own inner attitude into the light. We want to explore the sources of Ki that are available to us for our power and attention. We would like to share experiences and awaken curiosity. We offer space for the new, the unknown, the traditional and the evolving.

At this point, as we announce the ESC 2023, the idea of participating in a Shiatsu Congress  may seem very distant and unreal for some of us.

The last months, almost years, marked by the pandemic, have been very challenging - especially for us Shiatsu practitioners, who know and live touch, contact and encounter in a special and intense way. For some of us Shiatsu may have receded into the distance. Therefore, to continue with these ideas and vision for the congress, with the topic “inner attitude“, seems more important than ever.

We will continue to observe the impact of the pandemic on our society and on our profession, and will consider the possibility of meeting in person in Kiental in September 2023. We will continue to envisage and organize the congress according to how the situation develops.We all contribute to making Shiatsu what it is. This congress is a great opportunity to connect and empower.

We are looking forward to seeing YOU.

We all contribute
to making Shiatsu
what it is.

Michaela Knorr – Co-founder of „Shiatsu Schule Freiburg“ / teacher „KiCollege“ / director „Ki Tao“ Freiburg 

Daniel Schneitter
– Headteacher „Phoenix-Schule für KomplementärTherapie“ Zürich

Pia Staniek
– Co-founder & teacher „Europäisches Shiatsu Institut - ESI“

Jürgen Westhoff – Principal & teacher „ISS Kiental“ / teacher „Schule für Shiatsu Hamburg“

Birte Ernestus-Holtkamp – Principal & teacher „Schule für Shiatsu Hamburg“

Steven Grütter – Teacher "ISS Kiental"

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