It was a spontaneous idea right within a lecture of Leisa Bellmore at the stunningly huge European Shiatsu Congress 2017 in Vienna. Leisa talked about how scientific research can be conducted and what has to be considered to make it right. I knew, back from the preliminary webinar of the congress, that she wants to encourage everybody in the shiatsu world to dare doing research. And now, there we were: Leisa coming from Canada presenting her experience and knowledge and lots of interested people listening to her. That’s the moment! When, if not now? So we started to collect email addresses with the promise to establish a link between us all that will enable us to exchange thoughts, ideas and needs about scientific research on shiatsu. Back then, we did not know how the future will look like but everybody trusted in a way of building a communications exchange.
Right after the congress, we got together in a preliminary mailing list and we got to know each other. But, somewhat, the preliminary mailing list had its technical restrictions and we knew that we had to find a new one and that we had to find our own space and place to build up our network dream.

Quite soon, the team of the shiatsu congress offered to give us space on its platform including a wonderful CMS environment that will provide to us all modern features a platform can have and our own forum section. But that is not just that. The congress team offers its vast contact possibilities to various institutions and experts for anybody who has a research project request. Call for any support you need for your research project! Your call will be vastly distributed and potential partners for your liking will be contacted. Further, via the congress team, a shiatsu journal accessing thousands of shiatsu practitioners is set into action and will also support members of the research network to publish their achievements there. And further on, the congress team keeps on building contacts worldwide and we, from the research network, will benefit from this as well.

So, we are young, we are fresh, and yet we already have a good public relations basis to start from.

How you can be part of this

As you see, the shiatsu research platform is building itself up, right now. You can be a part of this. Get into permanent contact with likewise interested people on the subject at the mailing group and benefit from our vast basis right away. Or even be part of our development team: We look for volunteers! You get into an exciting pioneer’s environment and whatever you achieve, your name is associated with it, of course. It is a good way to establish your expertise in the shiatsu world. For this, contact me ( and take a look where you might want to hop in according to our plans of achievements:

What will the Shiatsu Research Network do?

direct url:

  • presenting articles about how to conduct proper research for everybody.
  • offering a blog section where researchers and research teams can present their thoughts and work.
  • providing an open platform for discussions and exchange (forum, mailing group).
  • collecting and depicting a vast science library and link collection about shiatsu.
  • establishing papers and web pages that help to represent shiatsu at its best.
  • encouraging the development of research teams or single research ideas internationally.
  • offering a vast basis of contacts for researchers in several disciplines and on academic level as well.
  • supporting public relations, events, lectures and presentations for researchers.
  • developing know-how for achieving the funding of projects in an easier way.
  • probing ways for proper peer-reviewed publishing in quality journals.
  • organizing meetings for researchers and likewise interested people.

For researchers:

Ever wanted to be a scientist? Here, you can start! Join the mailing group and write about your ideas. Call a project into action and ask for team members! Our just join one that is announced. We, the network, help you out in developing your due diligence in proper research. We will support you in finding academic allies and how to proceed.  Remember, a good project may take years but the results of proper work will be rewarding.

For pioneers in development and networking:

If you want to be part of the development team, take a look at the above mentioned goals and choose what suits your heart and motivation best! Do you want to establish new great contacts? Or do you want to dig deeper into the research world and write articles? Or rather a blog about your research experiences and thoughts in past and present? Do you want to moderate a forum? Or motivate for discussions? Organize meetings? Help people to come together? You would be in the front of the happening. Connecting with people with visions. Living your vision of a larger world. Maybe realising an old dream of playing an international role? Contact me:

Well, nuff said!

Of course, these are big plans. Now, we know the direction and so it is one step after the other.

See you soon at the Shiatsu Research Network!
Please, post your thoughts about this blog at the forum!


Picture references in this post: photo by Chang Duong on Unsplash