The 6th European Shiatsu Congress will be in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, on 4, 5 and 6 September 2020.

We aim at 500+ shiatsu therapists and students who attend the congress for 3 days. We would love to have a good mix of nationalities. We will be attracting various shiatsu teachers: both local celebrities and international stars representing different styles. We will have experienced teachers & upcoming talent.

The entire congress will be in English.

Our goals ESC 2020

  • To celebrate Shiatsu together
  • To professionalise shiatsu
    • technical skills and shiatsu knowledge
    • entrepreneurship
    • ability to communicate what shiatsu is and has to offer
  • To increase the visibility & recognition of shiatsu within (Dutch) society:
    • general public
    • public health care organisations
    • complementary health care organisations

Theme: Positive Health

The ESC 2020 theme is Positive Health. It stands for a broad view on health, in which health is no longer considered as a static condition but rather as the dynamic ability to adapt and to manage one’s own well-being. How to cope, to adapt and self-manage. In addition to medical conditions such as physical ailments and disabilities, the concept of Positive Health also covers dimensions such as social participation, quality of life and daily functioning. In this short video, Machteld Huber, the Dutch creator of this definition, explains what she means by Positive Health.


The congress will take place in a number of special places in the center of Amsterdam. A few weeks ago we practiced at these locations, as you can on the pictures.

ESC 2020 is a collaborative partnership

Dutch Shiatsu Schools
Academie Qing-Bai, Shiatsu School CSMBK, Iokai Shiatsu Opleiding, Hands On Tao Shiatsu Institute en Zen Shiatsu Opleiding.

Dutch Partners
This edition is made possible by Dutch professional shiatsu associations Zhong, Shiatsu Vereniging Nederland, VIS and VNT.

Shiatsu Platform
Shiatsu Platform keeps it together and is ultimately responsible for the organization of ESC 2020.

More information

Over the coming months this website will be filled with information about the congress.

If you have any questions or interesting ideas, please contact us. We would love to hear from you:

We look forward to seeing you in 2020.

ESC 2020 team

Core team for now:

  • Bart Bloemers – “the tripple heater”, finance & sponsorships, legal, website
  • Betty Croll – Speakers and trainers programme
  • Karlijn Eickmans – Congress production & logistics, communication and marketing
  • Daphne Riabokon

Side tasks:

  • Alex Hoekema – hands on logistics
  • Japke Englebert – social media, back office, registration
  • Mark Vroonland – writes articles
  • Clifford Andrews – webinars
  • Bas van der Paardt – design & print, speakers videos
  • Lobke Brouwer & Chloë Monteiro de Jesus – 5 elements bites during the event